Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Monthly Disappointment

So after earning my Master's Degree and deciding to stay at my current job, my husband and I decided that we'd like to begin trying to have a little one in August 2007.  We both loved and wanted children and thought that it was time.  We were 28 years old, had been married 4 years, were financially stable, and had a house big enough for 10 kids. 

For medical reasons, I had been taking birth control pills in an effort to control the nasty side effects that went along with my irregular, somewhat-monthly cycles.  My doctor said that it would take approximately 3 months to get all of that medicine out of my system, but after that, we should have no problems.  I made an effort to lose some weight, take vitamins, and eat healthy.  We timed everything according to plan.  Towards the end of the month, I'd avoid alcohol and caffeine.  This went on for almost 3 years.  I can remember having friends over on New Year's Eve and having grape juice at midnight.  I'd go to the local pub with friends and not have a beer.  My friends knew and didn't give me a hard time, and more often than not, would just see I'm not drinking and cross their fingers at me.  They were hoping almost as much as us.  I'd get my hopes up, thinking that this month had to be the month because we'd done everything right.  I'd just know that it happened.

And every month, I'd get confirmation that it had not happened and I'd be sad.  The worst part of this whole process was that this disappointment repeated itself month after month.  I'd get my hopes up, act accordingly, and then find out it hadn't happened. This huge let-down was not good for me, my husband, or our sanity.

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