Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Drug Saga Continued

On Sat morning, my Progesterone suppositories were supposed to be left at our doorstep.  I had left town early to go to a conference with my Mom.  Hubby was upstairs in the tub when he heard the knock at the door, but knew that we had given them the usual instruction to leave the meds.  They knocked again, so he got out of the tub and threw some clothes on in time to see the FedEx man driving away with a note stuck to our door that they'd tried to deliver my medicine, but needed a signature to deliver.  They would try again Monday morning....

Hubby called FedEx headquarters which were in another country.  The best they said they could do was call the local dispatcher here who could put in a phone call to the truck driver to see if he'd come back.  Three hours later, Hubby called headquarters again to find out that the phone call to the local dispatcher had never been made.  Hubby went to the local FedEx, and even though it said on the sheet that they were open, they clearly were locked up and not open at all.

He made a final call to headquarters and found out that the truck drivers were due back at 6pm and he might be able to catch them then.  He went out to find that they'd all completed their routes early and had already been back and left for the day.

So, now I don't have enough suppositories to get me through the weekend.  All because Mr. BioScrip supervisor marked the wrong box while "fixing" our problem.

I feel like the little boy on the YouTube video: Is this for real?  Is this real life?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spotting Day Part II- or -That's When I Got Loud

Thurs. March 8th was the day I ended up screaming at BioScrip, the pharmacy my insurance company makes me use.  And I absolutely do mean that I screamed on the phone.  Not just difficult.  Not just demanding.  I screamed.  In order for you to understand the screaming, I gotta give you a little back-story.

I was supposed to have my refill on progesterone injections AND suppositories at my doorstep on Wednesday morning. On  Tues afternoon at 2pm, I got phone call from Katie at BioScrip saying they were having trouble filling the order for Progesterone injections.  I told her it's probably because my Doc has adjusted my dosage and I'm now running out before the script says I should.  I gave her my Doc's phone number and she said she would call right away to get the script adjusted so my meds would arrive as planned on Wednesday morning.

On Wednesday afternoon, Hubby got home from work and called me letting me know that there were no meds waiting for me on our doorstep.  I called BioScrip and asked what the deal was.  They said that they got no answer from my Doc's office when they called on Tues. I thought, "That's strange."  (And also wondered why no one had tried to call again the next day, but we'll get to that...  I asked them what time they had called my Doc on Tuesday because my Doc's office is open until 5pm throughout the week.  The woman on the phone said that they called at 5:30pm.  That's when I got loud.  I said, "Well hell no you're not going to get an answer at 5:30 at night.  Why did it take Katie 3 and a half hours to hang up the phone and call my Doc's office?"  The woman had no answer for this one and just kept apologizing.  I told them to make it right and they said that they were going to call my Doc's emergency number, since it was now after 5pm again, and get someone on the phone to OK the new prescription.

About 5 minutes later, my actual Doctor called me on the phone asking what was going on.  I told him that since he'd upped the Progesterone injections, I was running out before the prescription said I should and I needed him to OK the higher dosage so they can get the drugs to me.  He understood and said he just wanted to make sure he'd told them correctly - which he had.

Another 2 minutes after that phone call, I got a phone call back from BioScrip.  Apparently, I was loud enough that the woman sitting next to the woman I was talking to could hear me and had already began calling the Doc's emergency number before I hung up with them.  She told me that they had received the new prescription from my Doc and had 45 minutes to fill it and get it on the truck so it would arrive on Thursday - the day I was officially out of meds.  I thanked them for correcting the problem.

So, fast forward to Thursday afternoon - after the spotting, blood draws, waiting all afternoon to hear that my HCG levels were OK - fast forward through all that.  I get a phone call from Hubby when he got home from work that day to let me know that there were again no drugs waiting for me on the doorstep.  At this point, I think my brains oozed out my ears....

I called BioScrip and was loud from the get-go.  The woman on the phone said she had no idea why they would've tried to fill a prescription with only 45 minutes to get it on the truck the night before.  She kept apologizing that they had not arrived when promised.  I had had enough.  I told her that I didn't want her apologies, I wanted her to fix the problem NOW.  I told her that her apologies were not getting Progesterone into my body.  At this point I was so mad that I forgot I had 3 teens from my Youth Center sitting in my office looking at me.  I asked the woman how her company would like to have a lawsuit when I miscarry because of their blatant negligence.  At this point, I remembered I had 3 teenage girls in my office when their eyes got big and I could see that they'd figured out I was pregnant.  Finally, all the woman could do was say the drugs would arrive on Saturday.  I gave up.  She wasn't doing anything to help me.

That's when Hubby got involved.  He called and asked to speak to a supervisor.  He told the supervisor what was going on - much calmer that I did.  The supervisor filled the order himself and made sure the injections were to arrive Friday morning via overnight services and the suppositories would arrive Saturday via their regular services.  Apparently the suppositories are a compound that has to be made by the Pharmacist and no one had actually put the Pharmacist on notice that those needed to be made.....  We reminded him to mark the packages so that we did not have to sign for them- that they could just be left.  He apologized again and said the problem was taken care of....

Stay tuned....Progesterone injections arrived on Friday.  Suppositories are another whole matter.....

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Most everything has been going fine with me for the last several weeks...I've had a  few bouts of nausea, but no real sickness.  The only real effect I can tell this little thing is having on me is fatigue.  I get up after sleeping 10 hours and feel like I could take a nap.  And just about everyday at 3pm, right when the kids are supposed to arrive at my Youth Center, I feel like I could put my head down on my desk, amidst all the chaos, and fall asleep right then and there.  (And my pants are feeling a little tight.) Well, everything WAS going fine until last Thursday...

I woke up to go to my standing early morning meeting last Thurs (March 8th) and when I went to the bathroom I saw bright red blood and also discovered I must've been spotting all night.  I flipped out and called Hubby into the bathroom.  I called my Doc's office and it took them an hour and a half to call me back.  I was a bit ticked at this since I felt this was more of an emergency than 90 minutes calls for.  When the nurse finally did call me, she told me that spotting is common this early in pregnancy and she wanted me to go ahead and have the blood pregnancy test done tomorrow as scheduled.  Blood pregnancy test tomorrow as scheduled?!?!  I told her I had no idea what she was talking about.  I heard a rustling of papers and then she said that she had the wrong chart in front of her.  She then said that she wanted me to go for an HCG blood test to see what was going on, since I was 6 weeks pregnant.  Well, I'm glad you finally figured out who I am... I asked her if they saw people at this stage and she said only if the blood test indicates that they need to.

When I hung up, I have to admit, I called my OB/GYN here in town.  Not that the specialist hasn't been successful in getting me pregnant, but his nurse didn't impress me that morning.  Her lack of confidence gave me a lack of confidence.  I asked my local Doc's nurse for a 2nd opinion.  She called me back within 5 minutes and said my Doc agrees that a bloodtest is necessary at this time & if there's anything else wrong, I can always come see her.  That made me feel better.

So, at 10am, off I went to the hospital lab for another round of How Big of a Bruise Can You Leave on my Arm?  After I was done, we headed for home.  About a mile away, I got a phone call from the lab asking me to come back.  Apparently, they'd only drawn 1 tube of blood and actually needed 2.  Go figure...so both arms got to play in the gameshow that day....

At 3pm I still hadn't heard from my Doc, so I called and left a message.  What's going on with them?  I've never had this kind of trouble before!  At 3:45 the nurse finally called me and said my HCG was above 16,000, and so everything should be fine.  She did move my ultrasound up to Monday instead of Wednesday - I think more for my own peace of mind than for anything else.  She told me that unless the spotting became heavy or was accompanied by pain, I should not worry about it.