Sunday, August 14, 2011

Decision is Made

We've weighed the options and have come to a decision. 

On one hand we could do a frozen cycle.  The positives include it costing less (ONLY $1k-HA!), require less trips to the doctor (who is an hour away) and would be less of a strain on my body.  The negative is that we only have one frozen embryo.  That means one chance with an embryo that will not be a Grade 1.  And, it may not even make it through thaw, which means I could go through the entire prep, get on the table, and then have nothing to work with. 

On the other hand, we could do another fresh cycle.  The positives include that we might have multiple embryos to work with again and we could add the frozen one to anything we get to increase our odds.  And if we have extra embryos, we can freeze them to put with our one little frozen embryo.  It will also mean another $8,700 for the doc and procedures, as well as another several thousand for meds since I used up my allowable spendable per calendar year last time.

We've decided to do another fresh cycle for several reasons.  Since I'm not 35 yet (i.e. close to death in the fertility world), we figured our chances are better with a fresh cycle now.  Also, I can't imagine mentally going through the prep for another cycle and then having nothing to work with the day of transfer.  Life has been cruel enough lately and we seem to always fall on the bad side of average.  We know it's going to cost us more and dealing with the meds is a pain in the you-know-what, but figure it's worth the chance.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Seeing Double Again!

A couple weeks ago I went out to eat with Mom.  We went to her favorite place - it's the same restaurant at which I saw a set of twin girls on Mother's Day earlier this year.  On this particular visit, I noticed that I saw 2 sets of twins there at lunch.  This time, there was a set of little boys and another set of little girls.  All were a-dor-a-ble!    I told Mom that I find it funny that I see twins every time we are there.  She said she is going to take me there more often!  A-MEN!