Monday, July 25, 2011

Naive Talk

One day during the last month, I was talking to a friend about his current job and his upcoming wedding.  Sounds like they really have a plan.  They will be married in September.  They are apartment-hunting right now because they plan to have a family fairly soon.  He also plans to ask to be switched to day-shift at work in order to be able to care for the children that will soon be conceived....

Oh you silly, naive young man....

I once had plans like that.  I was going to finish my Master's Degree, teach for a year to get my permanent license, then have a child the next year.  Well.....I finished the degree in 2007.  There were no teaching jobs to be had, so I continued to work at the Youth Center where I still am now in 2011.  The Dr. said that once I went off birth control in the summer of 2007, it should take 3 months to get out of my system and we'd be good to go.

I had mixed emotions as he talked.  At first, I just thought he was a silly and immature young man.  Life never works out according to plan.  Didn't he know that by now?  On the other hand, I hoped for the best for him.  I hoped that things worked out according to his well-thought-out plan.  I hoped he never knew the pain of how badly those plans can be messed up and never had to try to salvage the pieces of a plan.


  1. I felt this way about a friend of mine she said that she wanted to get married October 2012 and be pregnant by January 2013. However I was exactly like her naive, my plan for life was to be pregnant at 25 and to have 4 or 5 kids, yes I want a big family (I would like to have more but the DH said no way). I am going to turn 29 next month and we see how well "my life plan" went, zero kids thus far. I wish all the luck to him b/c life shouldn't be this hard for everyone.

  2. Oh yes, I too remember many a naive conversation and all my plans on scheduling my pregnancy. That was over three years ago and alas, nothing but heartache.

  3. I posted earlier and didn't introduce my self as new to your blog. I'm sure you get this question a lot and I have looked all of the internet to figure out how to do it but I really like your calendar in a tab idea is there anyway that you could tell me how you did it?

  4. Oh yes, I had a plan once. I told my gyno I was going to TTC and she said that I'm a healthy person and I should have no problem, she even prescribed me pnvs. That was 3 years, multiple dr. appts, and hundreds of tests ago. I wish I was still naive..