Monday, April 2, 2012

Drug Saga Finally Resolved...For Now

I got ahold of my IVF Nurse on Sun., March 11th  - they happened to be in doing a procedure early that morning and I caught them.  I explained what had happened with my meds with stupid BioScrip and asked what to do about my lack of progesterone suppositories.  She said that I was fine to substitute a shot for the suppository.  I also asked if it would be detrimental if the suppositories were not refrigerated for the weekend - the shipments that had arrived before had clearly been marked as a refrigerated product and even were shipped with ice packs.  She assured me that they would be fine - the refrigeration is merely to help them keep their shape.  She said if they were soft that they could easily be put back into the fridge to regain the shape - that being warm will not actually hurt the drug compound at all.

She went on to state that if I have any more problems I'm to tell them - they are more than willing to call the insurance company to explain that I'm not getting adequate care from the pharmacy which they make me use.  I thanked her, breathed a little sigh of relief about substituting a shot for a suppository, and went about my day.

I had more spotting today - dark red and more than just a little.  I kept reminding myself that I had no major cramping with it and the blood was not bright red.  Just tried to keep calm till my ultrasound the next day.


  1. Very glad to hear your nurse is on your side - but isn't it enough to want to quit your job, start your own pharmacy, and make your motto "we keep our promises and deliver things on time?" Sigh. Anyway, I hope things go well with your ultrasound - hang in there!

  2. Hope everything goes well today!

  3. Glad you got all that sorted out and I can't wait to hear how your ultrasound went!

  4. Glad you got it all sorted out. I hope everything went well with your US!