Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Crazy Ass Dreams

People had told me that you tend to have some strange dreams when you become pregnant.  Strange I can handle.  Crazy ass dreams every night is another matter altogether.  Here is a sampling of what my crazy mind has conjured up over the last several weeks:

I went shopping for bigger underwear.  I kept trying on bigger and bigger sizes in an effort to find some that were comfortable.  I eventually quit looking at sizes and just kept trying on what was handed to me.  Eventually, I did find a pair that fit.  I looked at the size.  Size 30!  (I'm NO WHERE near a size 30.)  On another occasion, I went underwear shopping (do I have a complex about my growing booty?) and found my favorite kind, but none in any size that I could wear.

Some dreams have been sad or sentimental.  And old employee (who I was never close to) of our coffee shop called asking me for life advice.  My brother lost his job and his wife and four children left him.  And possibly my favorite: My Dad and my cat (who was a kitten again in the dream) were walking down a country road just talking and visiting with me.

Other dreams have just made no sense at all.  In one dream, I was a game show host.  The winner of my game show won the title of Executive Director at my work.  My old Executive Director and one of the smaller children from my youth center were vying for the position.  The kid won... In another wild dream, Hubby and I were having a "moment" in the front living room at my Mom's house.  My Mom walked in on us.  Later, she scolded me for having tan lines and said I should not be going tanning while pregnant.  In one that I had just last night, Hubby's brother and his wife were renewing their vows in some small church.  I helped my sister-in-law get dressed in an ugly pink, furry, sequined knee-length sweater that she was wearing for the ceremony (It was prom last weekend.  I'm blaming that one on the prom dresses I saw.)

And finally, I'm already beginning to worry about parenting in my dreams.  I had a dream that the baby just would not latch on to me in the hospital and it was losing weight because I could not feed it.

I hope these are not ever used against me in a court of law....


  1. Those seem fairly normal to me. My strangest pregnancy dream was when there were bears in the cow pen at my grandparent's farm. We live in an area with no bears so that was really wierd. Then my grandpa sent me out with an ax to kill the bears before the ate all the cows. When I got there, the bears turned into cartoon bears. I had to hack them up as they were asking my why I was doing it in their cute little cartoon voices.

    So basically, yours aren't that strange :)

  2. Curious when your dreams started. With my first pregnancy I had crazy dreams, but I can't remember how early they began. With this pregnancy (6w5d right now) I've been dreaming, but not the crazy vivid dreams yet.

    Funniest one I had was a dream where my mom expressed disappointment that I wasn't having triplets and I totally let her have it. Lol.

    Thanks for sharing your crazy dreamtrack!

  3. I love reading crazy pregnancy dreams! Amazing what our mind can do.