Thursday, May 3, 2012


I've heard the term "glowing" tossed around when people get pregnant and now I'm beginning to wonder what the word really means.  I tend to think of someone looking happy and radiant when I hear the word glowing.  However, it's been used on me several times lately and I'm beginning to think it's really a code word for something else.  Here are some more reasonable definitions in my opinion:

Glowing - adjective - tired.  I felt exhausted one day and so Hubby and I went out to eat.  Someone who had seen my facebook announcement saw me in the restaurant, came over to me, and told me I looked glowing.  Now mind you, my hair was pulled up into a messy ponytail, I was uncomfortable from wearing pants that hurt, and I was hungry.  I'm pretty sure in this instance, I was a glowing, tired mess.

Glowing - adjective - put thought and effort into how one looks in public.  I must admit that I've been washing my hair in the morning and letting it dry as the day goes on.  I've been wearing more of what's comfortable and less of what's stylish these days as I'm growing and the weather is unpredictable.  One day, I put some effort into my outfit and makeup.  Now mind you, I said some effort.  I put on a cute top and smeared a little makeup onto my face.  People came up to me and said I was absolutely glowing.  Is this a nice way of saying, "Way to go!  You dressed yourself AND put some effort into your hair and makeup!"???

Glowing - adjective - chunky.  My pants don't fit right.  My already large chest doesn't help my appearance.  On a day when I was feeling like "5 pounds of sausage in a 3-pound bag," I was told that I looked glowing.  Was that a nice way of saying, "Woah!  You're gaining weight!"???

At any rate, glow on, my friends!  However you'd like to define it!


  1. Haha! Well, but maybe underneath feeling tired, looking a bit messy and chunky, you're really glowing... ;)
    I hope you'll be glowing for many months to come, whatever it means.

  2. LMAO! Thank you, that was just the laugh I needed. I think you have a good handle on all the meanings of glowing :)

  3. very funny post! i think there is something to the "glowing" thing though. you have so much more blood volume and increased vascularization, I think no matter how tired you feel or messy you're being, your skin still looks healthy when you're pregnant. i feel pretty much just fat and bloated, but my husband keeps commenting on how pink and healthy I look. ok...

  4. For my pregnancy I'm pretty sure "glowing" as been used to describe the incredible amount of grease my face is making as evidenced by worse acne than I had in High school. I'll be glad when I'm done "Glowing"