Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pills I Never Thought I'd Take Again!

I never thought I'd have to take birth control pills (BCP) ever again, given all the infertility we've come to find out about between Hubby and I over the last year.  My situation makes it difficult to conceive.  His makes it next to impossible.  So birth control is the farthest thing from my mind.  I had taken BCP in my teens and early 20s to deal with the symptoms of my undiagnosed PCOS, but went off of them more than 4 years ago in the hopes of having a child with Hubby. 

However, BCP are part of the IVF regimen.  Who knew?!  I started taking birth control pills and I had to laugh.  During the course of my 3-week stint on BCP, I, surprisingly, didn't become pregnant.  Shocking, right?  I did, however, receive larger, more tender breasts.  My bra even got tight.  I don't remember this side-effect from my 20s and it was not a good surprise this time around.  I was glad when this subsided after the 3 weeks of BCP. 

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