Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So, looking back on everything that we've learned, I have to laugh at all that's been wasted...

I figure that we wasted about $400 on condoms, trying to prevent a little one from coming before we were ready.  So glad we did that!

I also figure that I wasted approximately $360 on pregnancy tests over the last 3.5 years, not to mention my dignity trying to purchase them-see earlier post called "Where Everybody Knows Your Name."  I was sure to buy the early detection ones because I just couldn't wait any longer.  So excited to pee on that little stick early in the morning....I was just sure this time.

With this amount of money, I figure we could have paid for a portion of our 1st round of a day's worth of drugs or something!

I am also saddened that I wasted the opportunity to have a glass of champagne over the last 3 New Year's Eves and remained alcohol-free on my 30th birthday, which I wasn't handling very well.  I could have used a peach bellini or four that day....

However, don't fear!  Since finding out all of our wonderful infertile news, I've taken every opportunity to make up for lost time!  :)  I figure I'm just making good use of all that money I'm saving on condoms!


  1. I've often thought about that too. How much money and worry and how many skipped drinks. One year, on Mother's Day I took a test. It was before we were ready so I was really hoping to NOT be preggo. But I thought how can I not be if I'm testing on Mother's Day? All that stress could have been avoided.

  2. I know - it is staggering to know all of the money wasted - not to mention a few times when I 'worried' I was pregnant when my husband and I were first dating.

  3. Yeah, I wonder that as well. I'm terrified to add up everything I've spent the past three yeasr on herbs, opks, hpts, blood work (because ya know what if I'm that small percent that doesn't get a positive hpt!" I'm sure it would be a small fortune at least.