Sunday, September 25, 2011

2nd & 3rd Monitoring Appointments

On Friday, September 16th, Hubby and I went to our 2nd monitoring appointment.  My estradiol level came back at 754, which the nurse said was great.  The ultrasound also showed that most of my follicles were measuring between 10-12.  I told the Dr that I was already very uncomfortable - that my jeans were fitting tightly and I didn't feel great. I was also losing my voice because my allergies were trying to turn into a sinus infection. I wasn't whole-heartedly admitting that, though, because I was afraid they'd cancel the cycle if they thought I was sick. I had also been through enough sinus infections in my life to know that my regular Drvwould prescribe antibiotics for me to get rid of the crud. It had been made VERY clear to me that all I was allowed to take for ANYTHING was Tylenol. The nurse asked what was going on with my voice and I explained that I have terrible allergies that always try to turn into a sinus infection. I was happy to hear that I could go and get antibiotics -and so I went later that afternoon and saw my regular dr too.

On Tuesday, September 20th, we had our final monitoring appointment.  I had a couple follicles in the 20s, which the Dr said might have gotten too big, but was worth it to let all the rest get big enough to use.  The rest were 16-18.  My estradiol level was in the 3000's.  The Dr said we were "Ready to go."  I was happy to hear that I was done shooting up with Lupron and Bravelle every 12 hours of my life and this uncomfortable feeling might have a chance at going away soon!

On Tuesday night, Hubby rushed home from coaching a high school soccer game to give me my trigger shot (Novarel) at 10pm.  (Trigger shot is a mega dose of stimulant that tells the eggs to mature in order to be ready for retrieval in 36 hours.)  Apparently, Hubby got a little light headed from sticking such a long needle in my behind.  It stung and was over soon enough.


  1. Happy triggering and best of luck for your retrieval :)) Wonderful news... thinking of you for your big day xoxo