Sunday, September 25, 2011

Not Doing It Right

The morning after a Trigger Shot, I'm supposed to take a home pregnancy test to make sure that the trigger shot worked.  Not that I'm pregnant, but the test will come up positive because of the hormones released from the shot.  When I got the result, I was to call the Dr's office - no later than 8:30am.

I set my alarm and got up at 8am on Wednesday, Sept. 21st.  I peed on the stick and let it sit.  I waited.  And I waited.  And I waited.  The darned thing didn't do anything.  I didn't get a positive.  I didn't get a negative.  I got nothing.  So, I got on the phone and called the Dr's office.  I offered to wait till I had to pee again and take a 2nd pregnancy test, but the nurse said I had to go to the hospital to have some bloodwork done as soon as possible.

Hubby and I headed to the lab at the hospital where I had bloodwork done "STAT."  After that, I headed to work and waited to hear about the test results.  Hubby must've been a little nervous as well because he called and texted me to see if I'd heard about the results yet.  My co-workers asked me why I didn't just take another home pregnancy test and I had to explain that I couldn't "go" again before I had to call the dr.  Believe me, I had already thought of that one!

The nurse called me later that afternoon and said that everything tested fine and I must've just had a "dud" test.

So after all that worrying, I was fine.  So not only can I make a baby, but apparently I can't even pee on a stick the right way...


  1. Great that your bloods were all good... be gentle on yourself - sounds like it was the stick that was a dud. Thinking of you for your retrieval xoxo

  2. oh no! I hate dud tests! I've had a few of them and thats why I always pee in a cup now and dip the test stick, just in case.

    I hope this cycle is going well for you!

  3. Boo for the dud test (but blame it on the stick, not on you!). Just saw your calendar - fert reports look good! Good luck with the transfer tomorrow. Thinking of you.

  4. Ugh, how frusterating! Like the other posters said, it was the stick's fault, not yours. (Hugs)

  5. phew! I'm glad it was a false alarm! Better to be safe than sorry though, so I'm glad they had you cover all your bases :)