Saturday, September 17, 2011

Useful Info

It is already difficult for me to mix meds and give myself shots at 7am. As you'll recall, I don't get up till later because I work later than most people.

Mother Nature decided to give me a little challenge this morning...

It is extremely difficult to shoot up when you have violent hiccups at 7am.

Picture this: I am holding a syringe in both hands, holding my breath. I drank a whole glass of water. I even tried jumping up and down. Nothing worked.

Yes, there was blood. I'm ok now! :-)


  1. I know I shouldn't laught but that mental image is kind of funny. Talk about bad timing, especially after a night with little rest. Try to drink lots of fluids and I've heard upping your protein can also help as well. Hopefully you are able to prop yourself up in bed with pillows from now on to stay comfy at night. You are NOT a woos! If they doubled your meds than of course you are going to be uncomfortable, but it sounds like you will have a lot more eggs to work with! Fingers crossed for you, feel better soon!

  2. Oh my gosh, that would be a nightmare. DH gives me a progesterone shot everyone night in the butt and that is a really long needle. Since I am so hormonal right now I would probably be crying because I would have hiccups and I had to do a shot. Glad you made it through it.