Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Update

I am looking overdue on updating this. You all can scold me - I deserve it!

In November, CD1 didn't happen until Nov 13th (a week late). I have read OHSS can cause a woman to be late for at least 2 cycles following OHSS. I had a 2nd acupuncture appointment when I finally started. Work had been hell difficult that afternoon and I arrived very stressed out. She said she was putting the pins in that day in a way that was supposed to clean out my body. This time there was 1 in the middle of my forehead, 3 on my abdomen, and 4 down each leg and onto my foot. Then she put a heat lamp on my belly and another on my feet, turned on some soothing music, turned the lights down and left the room. What a small gift from God! I don't think I fell asleep, but I came pretty darned close!

I paid our deposit at the beginning of December. Because we are doing a frozen cycle, it's cheaper. Also, there are many tests I don't have to have done because we've just done 2 cycles. Plus, we had money left in our account with the Doc from the first 2 IVF's, so it was even cheaper than I anticipated! Clearance babies? I'll take 'em!"

In December, CD1 happened on Dec. 23rd (another week+ late). I think my bod is confused...it doesn't know whether to start, look for a shot, or grow multiple eggs for another egg hunt! My periods have been a bit more painful the last 2 months as well. I suppose it has the right to file these complaints with me. I have demanded a lot from it lately!

I called my Dr on CD1 and began taking birth control pills in CD3. Merry Christmas! You wanna have a baby? Here, have some bcp's! I got a call from the IVF nurse today saying she'd send out my calendar and we'd go over it via phone on Friday at 2pm. I love that they let me do things over the phone rather than driving 65 miles to their office when I don't have to! She said I will start my 1st Lupron shot on Jan. 6th. Bring on the hot flashes!. I'll need to call the acupuncturist as well.

On another subject, I am thinking of a career move. Leadership changed at my job in July and I have not been happy about it. It was supposed to be a temporary change, but has become a more permanent thing. More on that tomorrow.


  1. Well there you are. Glad to see that things are progressing. I know that the waiting is horrible. I hate it more than anything.
    Here's to hoping those embies you have are rockstars and stick like crazy!

  2. I've been thinking about you. Hope that you get sticky beans this cycle.

  3. How frustrating to have your body keep making you late. Ugh. Glad your next cycle is here though! How exciting!! I so hope 2012 is your year, you deserve it! (as we all do :)

  4. Hey there! Ugh on our bodies not cooperating! Excited for your next cycle!

  5. Good to read a post from you again! Hope the FET cycle will be a success and 2012 will be your year!

  6. So glood to hear from you=) Wishing you all the best with your FET all I hope that 2012 brings you your BFP!!!! Thank you too for the liebster award=)