Friday, December 30, 2011

IVF #3 Calendar

I had my IVF #3 calendar review with the IVF nurse today at 2pm via the phone.  Click HERE to see it.  I was so happy she didn't make me travel an hour to their office just to go over it.  It would be different if I'd never done IVF with them before or didn't know how to give myself shots, but I've become an "old pro" at it, and they just did this appointment by phone.

This is my first Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET).  Our first 2 IVF tries were from fresh cycles, but this time we are using embryos frozen from those previous cycles.  A friend pointed out the other day that I could have twins that were not conceived during the same cycle.  Never thought about it that way....

After looking at the calendar, all I can say is that my hip/bottom is going to be SO SORE from all the intramuscular shots this time.  Ugh....

3rd time's a charm, right???


  1. Oh my goodness, your calendar made my eyes cross because there is so much on it! :) I wish you success!

  2. FET's are so much easier though!! 3rd time was a charm for us!!!! Fingers crossed :)

  3. 2012 will be an amazing year! We're heading into a FET currently. Sending you nothing but positive thoughts. Interesting thought about having twins not conceived in the same cycle...

  4. Hi from Cyclesista! Good luck on IVF #3!