Friday, February 10, 2012

Baby Dancin' or Silliness: You Decide!

I run an at-risk Youth Center for 32 kids and I love them dearly.  Because we provide transportation for these kiddos to get to and from the Center, I pay a lot of attention to the weather.  And let me tell ya, I LOVE snow days.  A couple years ago, the kids and I made up a silly little dance and we do it anytime there is snow in the forecast.  We call it our "Snow Dance."  While it was just a fun little thing that first year, last year, we experienced a bit of a phenomenon.  Every time we did a snow dance, we had at least 1 snow day.  It got so bad that, on my Facebook wall, the parents began requesting that we stop doing snow dances.  For whatever little magic reason, doing our snow dances worked.

So, I had a rather crazy idea that I would come up with a slightly new dance and told them it was the Grow Strong Dance.  They think they're growing strong.  I wasn't going to tell them I was having them dance for something else to grow strong.

So, this afternoon, we shook our right hand in the air.  Then we shook our left.  Then we shook both hands and clapped them together once really hard. 

Then we put our hands on our bellies and shook our booties.

I apologize that the pictures are blurry, but their little bodies move quickly!  They thought it was silly.  Little did they know they were growing eggs in my right ovary, then my left ovary, then putting the sperm & egg together, putting them in my belly, and burrowing them in.  There is a method to my madness.  We did it several times to make sure we all knew how to do it perfectly.  They loved it.  I loved it.  And hopefully, a little Snow Dance magic carried over to our Grow Strong Dance.


  1. You are a crack up.. What lengths we go to...!

    I hope that dance works. I just think kids have this amazing strength and power that you lose when you become an adult. Just like the movie ET, how the adults couldn't see ET but kids can. I hope their dance is heard by the baby gods and you have a special little story to tell them one day..


  2. I love these pics. What a great job to be working with these kids. And I am hoping the Grow Strong Dance is a success for you!

  3. Today is the day right? I hope that you pushed the easy button before going in today (you know the button for the Staples store that makes life easier).

  4. Trooling ICLW (not registered this month) I LOVE THIS!! This was such a great idea! :D