Monday, January 9, 2012

Getting Drugs Cannot Be That Easy!

On Monday, January 2 at noon, I called the pharmacy to see if they'd processed my paperwork so I could pay for my drugs and schedule delivery.  It wasn't like I needed the drugs anytime soon or anything...The woman who answered the phone transferred me to the insurance department.  I waited for 20 minutes on the phone and no one answered.  So, I hung up and called back.  The same woman answered the phone and I told her that I'd been on hold for 20 minutes since she transferred me.  She apologized and then pulled up my info.  Now why couldn't she have just done that to begin with???  She said that all but one of my drugs were run and the one just needed pre-approval, which should not be a problem.  She asked me if I wanted to pay with the credit card I had on file with them and I told her yes.  She told me that the drugs ought to ship out Wednesday and I'd have them on Thursday.

And so I hung up the phone happy that wasn't too much of a mess. 

Haven't I learned by now that it's just not that easy?

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  1. I'm with's just NOT that easy. call them we very hour on the hour. (just in case they get tempted to screw it up) :)