Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Let's Hypothetically Say I Make Guns

On Wednesday, January 4th, I got another call from my specialty pharmacy.  This time, sweet little Katie (Can you hear my voice dripping with sarcasm?) informed me that all of my drugs except estradiol valerate (EV) ought to be arriving that day. They did...

The EV, on the other hand, was on backorder and Katie so lovingly informed me that the manufacturer had no idea when they'd begin shipping it again.  Ought the manufacturer know this kind of thing?  I mean, let's hypothetically say I make guns...to shoot people...who can't fill drug orders.  I ought to know the next time I'm making a gun...

Shockingly, I didn't scream.  Actually this time, I almost laughed.  I knew that a drug order going through with no major problems was really too much to ask from this company that I refer to as BackOrderScrip.  I let Katie know that I take the first shot of it on Monday, January 23rd in the morning.  She said she'd make note that it would need to arrive by Friday, January 20th and she'd keep an eye out for the drug.  I asked Katie if I would hear from her or how I would know how to proceed.  She assured me that she'd let me know one way or another about the drug because she's the one that handles all the drugs on back order for them.  Damn straight you will let me know...you know...so I can quit waxing my hypothetical shotgun...

I figured I'd give them a few days to see if they could get it in before screaming losing my cool with them on the phone AGAIN.

Fast-forward to today (Jan. 10):  I still haven't heard from Katie or anyone else from BackOrderScrip about the missing estradiol valerate.  I will be calling sweet little Katie tomorrow.  Just like Lucy on Charlie Brown...when she goes into her booth and turns the sign around...the crazy lady is in.

As I've said many times before.  I didn't go into this process neurotic, demanding, and emotional, but the process sure makes me this way.


  1. Good grief! How difficult is it for them to just mail the correct drugs? They should be super apologetic about it, but instead it sounds like they are not being helpful at all. I hope they get their act together so you can move forward quickly and stop wasting your time hassling with the delivery.

  2. You crack me up. I hope you get your drugs in time.

  3. Oh goodness...you are calmer than I would be!! Can they change you to something that IS in stock?

  4. My goodness, I'm glad you are able to use humor to help handle infertility otherwise I'm sure you probably would need this "hypothetical" shotgun. Bless your heart, I don't know how you do it. I'd either be driving over there to give them a piece of my mind in person, regardless of how far away they are I'd just be THAT pissed, or I'd be screaming at my insurance company to find me another pharmacy, or finding another drug to take in lieu of that since clearly these people are idiots. Ugh, I am so sorry you are having to go through this. (Hugs)

  5. This sounds horrible!! We used Ascend Specialty Pharmacy for all our meds. They were excellent. They checked it all out with the insurance and I received the meds very fast. Just an option that may work for you...you have enough going on! You don't need to worry about drugs showing up on time! Good luck!!

  6. Do you not have a local pharmacy that can handle your prescriptions? We're lucky that our clinic uses a local clinic and they're familiar with infertility meds.

  7. Courtney-No, the insurance company requires me to use this specialty pharmacy that it out of town. I live in a small town anyways, so I am out of luck with getting specialty things here in town. :(

    The Childless Mom

  8. ugh...frustrating, we used Rox San pharmacy and they've been really sweet on the phone and very fast