Monday, January 9, 2012

I Knew Drugs Weren't That Easy to Get!

On Tuesday, January 3rd, I got a phone call from the specialty pharmacy.  The woman on the phone said that she wanted to schedule delivery of my drugs.  Didn't we already do that once?  I told her that I had already spoken to someone the day before who had done that.  She said that person didn't have the authority to do that because all the meds were not run through the insurance division yet.  And that's MY problem HOW?  

She went on the explain that the progesterone suppositories are compounds that have to be made up by a pharmacist, and because it's a drug they have to make, they have to find out all the ingredients and then bill me accordingly.  She said she was going to put their pharmacist on alert to make up the suppositories and hopefully the drugs would ship by the next day (Wed., Jan 4th).  I wouldn't think getting something to just put in my hoo-hah is this difficult, but if you say so....

So I OK'd it and hung up.  By this time I wasn't convinced that this 3rd round of IVF was going to be any different than the other times.  I wasn't holding my breath about the drugs being right or getting here on time....

I should've known there'd be another phone call yet...


  1. I keep cracking up at your titles of posts. It's like a comedy of painful errors. I read these issues on many blogs. Hope it gets sorted before you lose all your hair!

  2. When I was calling to get all of my Rx for this cycle, they couldn't even "ring up" my progesterone. They said it wasn't 2012 compliant with their computer. Really? I let it go because I don't need them until the 2WW, but I hope they're working on that. I've been lucky that the people at the specialty pharmacy we use are extremely nice and helpful.

  3. Well you can either laugh or cry right? My goodness though, these people are ridiculous. So sorry you are having to deal with them when it sounds like you could compound the drug yourself and have an easier time at it, lol.