Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Cell Phone's Worn Out

Tues., Jan 17th:

12:36pm Katie from BackOrderScript called to let me know that Estradiol Valerate is still on backorder and the manufacturer says it will not be in until March 1st.  Not helpful.

12:53pm Call Mary from my insurance co who has always helped with drug problems in the past.  She said she'd talk to the Pharmacy Dept and get back with me.  Do your magic, Mary!

1:20pm Mary left me a message that if the manufacturer says it's on backorder, there's nothing they can do.  If I can find it someplace else, I do not need an override, just go ahead and get it.  Gee, thanks!

1:43pm Called Barron Pharmacy, the alternative pharmacy I had to use during IVF Round #1 when BackOrderScrip couldn't come through then.  The man said they did have several vials of it in stock.  I told him I'd have my dr office get in touch.

1:47pm I called my Dr's Med Specialist, Dawn.  I left Dawn a message that I needed to speak with her about submitting my order somplace else because BackOrderScrip once again dropped the ball.

2:03pm Dawn calls me back.  I explain what's happened.  She says she will also make sure Barron has the drug and if they do and it's not outrageously expensive, she'd get it for me.  I told her I was sorry I have to be the one with an insurance company that only complicates matters.  She told me not to apologize, that she's used to dealing with insurance and she'd get it all straightened out for me.

2:10pm A representative from Barron Pharmacy calls to get my insurance info updated since it's been since last March/April since I've had anything filled by them.

2:20pm Another representative from Barron calls to confirm the drug that's needed and to make sure that I have all the needles and syringes ordered that I need as well.

2:52pm A 3rd representative from Barron calls to get my credit card info and confirm my shipping address.  She told me the Estradiol Valerate would be here within a day or 2.

4:05pm A 4th representative from Barron calls to get my email address so I can have access to shipping information for my package from UPS.

We'll see if I truly get my meds on time...


  1. Wow! That is a highly inefficient system that phamacy has! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you get everything on time!!!

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed that your meds show up on time.

  3. I hope you get it on time after all the phone calls you got from them but I guess you know for sure they are working on it. Good Luck.

  4. Hoping you get all of your meds on time! You seem to be pretty organized! I always have a pen and paper whenever I'm talking to the pharmacy! haha

  5. Here from ICLW! I hope things work out for you! Sure seems to be such a hassle - wish people could be more understanding of this entire process! Good Luck!