Wednesday, June 1, 2011

7dp5dt - Bloodwork and Back to Work

I got up at 9am and POAS.  It was negative.  This was my last First Response Early Response Test.

I was in the tub getting ready for work when I received a call from Doctor's office because they never received my progesterone bloodwork from Thursday and the nurse wanted my local lab's phone number.

I received a voicemail, later, that she got ahold of the lab, that my progesterone was 21.5 and anything over 15 is good.  The lab also decided to perform one of the beta tests, even though the lab clearly states that test isn't to be performed for another several days.  The lab told my nurse that I must've turned in the wrong paperwork.  I did nothing of the sort....

I called my nurse back and left a voicemail that they took ALL of my paperwork, which had dates on it for each test, so I'm not sure why they say I turned in the wrong paperwork.  Also, I said on her voicemail I was concerned about them saying I'd already filled a beta test and I might need another order from her since they already performed the test.

She called me back and said she called the lab and straightened them out promising to credit my account with the beta so I didn't need additional orders.  I laughed and said, "Shouldn't this be the easy part of this process."  She agreed that this should not be the difficult portion.

I went back to work today  It was absolutely crazy from being gone for a week.  All my staff wanted to know how the transfer went and how I was doing.  Apparently my emails had not been sent from my phone, so they were really worried when they'd not heard from me all week.  I was really busy returning phone calls and emails and trying to catch up with paperwork with the school year ending and summer programming beginning at the Youth Center where I work.

I noticed some minor discoloration on the toilet paper before I went to bed.  Not really bleeding or even spotting - just a little off-color.  I lost it.  This is what happens for several days right before my period.  Hubby came upstairs to give me my PIO shot and found me crying while still sitting on the toilet.  He told me that I just have to hold on - that it's not time to get upset.  He's right, but I was still rattled.

I took a bath, hoping it'd make me feel better, or at least cool down because it's so darned hot right now.  I calmed myself down, took my bath, and went to bed.  This process, just like a period, is becoming a necessary evil that I'm not sure I like.


  1. Oh, keep you head up as long as you can. I know that kind of thing can kill you, trust me...but it't not over yet.

    Give yourself some time and maybe wait till the beta. I know it must be hard. I will be in the same situation in a couple of weeks.

    Keep the faith.

  2. Hang in there!

    I'm doing my IUI tomorrow, I guess technically today (Thursday) so I am sure I'm going to wanting to test so bad and having to wait.

  3. Don't give up hope yet. The stuff could be implantation bleeding. It isn't over till the red b**** turns up! Hang in there!

  4. Its so hard to keep positive during all of this! Try not to stress too much! We are all rooting for you!

  5. ((hugs)) I'm hoping it was just implanation bleeding and not evil AF. Wishing you all the best=)