Sunday, October 2, 2011

Babysitter Updates

14 retrieved & all fertilized with ICSI procedure on Thurs., Sept 22nd.
9 growing on Fri., Sept. 23rd.
9 growing on Sat., Sept. 24th.  All had divided.  7 4-celled Grade 1s.  2 4-celled grade 2s.
9 growing on Sun., Sept. 25th.  6 8-celled grade 1s. 1 8-celled grade 2s.  1 6-celled grade 2.  Dr said not to worry about the 6-celled one - that it could just be timing of when he checked on them.  He said that they were all looking great and were put into the growth medium under the incubator.
No update on Mon., Sept. 26th.  They leave them alone under the incubator until Tues., Sept. 27th transfer.

Grow babies, grow!


  1. Best of luck on this cycle!

    Visiting from LFCA.

  2. That's AWESOME!!!! Can't wait to hear how the transfer went. The 27th was my wedding anniversary so maybe that's a good sign? lol

  3. That is really great! I love those numbers! I too look forward to hearing how the transfer went!

  4. First off, I am glad you are feeling better. I never had OHSS, but I hear it is nasty. Hopefully it keeps getting better!

    Second - that count is fabulous! You really rocked out this time! Go embies GO!


  5. I hope you feel better soon and this OHSS gets the heck outta here!

    Those stats sound amazing! You really rocked it out this time! Go embies GO!

  6. Here from LFCA. Best of luck with OHSS. If you haven't already, I'd recommend drinking LOTS of gatorade. I had OHSS for my first IVF cycle and actually couldn't transfer, but for my 2nd, I had more eggs and didn't have OHSS.

    Hoping for a successful pregnancy for you. Embryos are growing well! Best wishes.

  7. Thinking of you and sending lots of baby dust fertilizer for the embys...