Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Wait

After transferring 2 embryos on Tuesday, Sept. 27th, I had to wait 9 days till my 1st beta blood test.  Have I mentioned before how much I hate waiting - for anything - let alone major results like this?  Perhaps some would say I have no patience, but I like to refer to myself as a person of action.  I like to get things done - and the quicker the better!

I had no major symptoms one way or another - and now that I was recuperating from OHSS this time, I really could not tell what may be causing what.  I was hungry and thirsty.  I had some pain and pinching in my abdomen.  It still hurt to use my muscles to start and stop peeing (sorry if that's too much info).  I was tired and napped most afternoons when I was home from work - even if I did nothing all day.  I ran a low grade fever for a couple days, but am attributing that to fighting a sinus infection.  I felt kind of blah.

Several of my friends asked me if I felt anything or felt any different.  I wish I had some great answer for them.  I told them that I could tell something was going on, but wasn't sure if my body was prepping for an oncoming period or pregnancy.


  1. So do you know now? I am dying!

  2. Im guess its a pregnancy!!! You wouldn't be holding out if not :)