Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dr Called Me at Home

The next morning, the Dr that was on call the night before called me at home to find out how I was doing.  Can I tell you how pleased I am with the entire medical staff at my Doc's Office?  She asked me if the pain was under control and if I'd been sick.  I told her that the 4 Advil were quite the blessing the night before.  She said that she only wanted me to take more Advil if it was absolutely necessary.  She told me to expect some sickness and trips to the bathroom - which had already happened - and asked me to keep an eye on my weight.  She said if I find that I put on a significant amount of weight in the next day or 2 (like 5 pounds of more) to let them know.  I'm thankful that did not happen!

I continued to take the Tylenol and lay still, except for running to the bathroom.  Hubby has been so sweet to me - making sure I'm fed and comfortable.  I think the night before scared him as much as it scared me.

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  1. I'm glad that never happened and the advil and Tylenol did the trick!