Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Deja Vu Transfer

We headed to the doc's office on Tuesday, Sept. 27th for transfer.  I was looking forward to this because we'd learn how our little embryos grew over the last couple of days.  I, however, was in some pain as well.  The Doc ordered me to have a full bladder for the procedure.  (Having a full bladder helps them see where they need to guide the embryos on the ultrasound screen.)  So, I emptied my bladder an hour before the procedure and drank 20 ounces of water in a matter of minutes.  And then we waited.  And waited.  And waited.....

I was still having some pain from retrieval and OHSS and a full bladder was causing me pain.  I think my bladder must've been rubbing my left ovary or something...  At any rate, my bladder was VERY full and VERY painful.  And then the Doc was running 20 minutes late.  They called my name and I told the nurse that she may have to help me if I pee my pants.  I probably shouldn't have said that in a full waiting room, but oh well.

I was prepped and put onto the table.  Dr. Larry King, my Doc, was going to do the transfer.  He came in and immediately apologized that he was running late and asked if I wanted to relieve my bladder just a little.  You're darned right I did!  So, after a 5-second bathroom break, I was back on the table and ready to begin.  He came in with our embryo report.  Two had made it to a Grade 1 blastocyst stage, 4 were at the late morula stage, and the rest didn't make it.  Two again?  After I had once again worried about how many we should transfer and weighed the pros and cons of 1, 2, or 3, the decision was made for us once again.  We agreed that we'd transfer both blastocysts.  The Doc also said that they'd let the 4 late morulas grow through the week and freeze anything that made it to the blastocyst stage, like last time.  Anybody else feeling deja vu?

After I signed the papers for the 2 to be transferred, things moved fairly quickly.  The nurse, the Doc, a student-Doc, Hubby, and embryologist were in the room.  The transfer was quick and painless.  When he was finished, they passed the tube through the window to the lab where it was examined under a microscope.  The exclamation, "Clean!" from the biologist told us that the embryos were in.  Everyone cleared and out and I laid on the table another 20 minutes while I begged Hubby to tell me a story to get my mind off my full, painful bladder.  He talked to me about his soccer team that he coaches.  The embryologist that had actually injected the sperm into the eggs and had called me each day with the update came in to introduce himself.  He told us that the embryos looked, "Really great" this time and that he hopes it's successful this round.  I thought it was nice that he personally came in to introduce himself and reassure us about our little embryos.  It was nice to put a face with the voice that I so looked forward to hearing from each day!

When the 20 minutes was up, I ran to the bathroom and was never so happy to get to pee.  Then I got dressed and we made our way out and laid down in the vehicle on the way home.  I made one quick stop at the bathroom before going to bed for the next several days.  Hubby had gotten cables and plugs to be able to hook up the computer to the tv so I could watch shows.  A friend brought over some books since some of my favorites were stolen at our other house.  My cat was by my side.  I kept getting texts and emails from friends checking in on me.  I was set.

Now, these embryos just needed to do their thing!


  1. so glad to hear everything went well. Sending you good thoughts!!

  2. You must have bladder muscles made of steel! Congrats on the smooth transfer of two, and I pray they snuggle in tight. And also hope the others grow to ease your mind, but lets think positive, and you may not need them..xx

  3. Oh good luck!!! Sounds very much like my transfer experience. I hope yours turns out exactly the way you have been longing for.

  4. So happy to hear the transfer went well, and you had to healthy blasts. Very excited for you!

    I bet they are getting nice and comfy now :)

  5. Sending you sticky thoughts! Good luck with the 2WW!

  6. Hoping the best for you. I just found your blog and we're starting the IVF process this month if I can find the courage to do it

  7. That sounds perfect - I so hope this leads to a BFP! Hang in there girl!