Sunday, October 9, 2011

Blue Dye Tests are the Devil!

So on Sunday, Oct 2nd, curiosity got the better of me and I began the ritual of POASing.  I have read many other blogs and know that this day (5dp5dt) is when many fortunate ladies have gotten their BFP.  I decided that, even though the doctor's instructions say not to, I needed to take a home pregnancy test.  I'm impatient - refer to my previous post!

I used a CVS Brand Early Detection Test.  This test, I've come to find out, is one of the tests that uses blue dye.  One line if you're not pregnant.  Two lines if you are.  I saw 2 lines very quickly - and then 1 went away.  What the heck did that mean?  I got so excited that I started crying.  Was that a BFP?  The more time went by, the less the line was able to be seen until I got Hubby several minutes later and he could not see a 2nd line at all.

What just happened?

I sat the test in the drawer in my bathroom and went to church for the evening.  I pulled that test out when we got home several hours later and there were two lines for sure.  But the directions say not to read anything after a few minutes.  So I was feeling really "iffy" about the results.  Later that night, at the encouragement of Hubby, I tested again.  This time, a 2nd line showed up again, but not for about 20 minutes - way past the time you are supposed to read the results.

I, of course, consulted Dr Google, who taught me that "evaporation lines" are a real problem with blue dye pregnancy tests.  Any test that uses blue dye has a tendency to show evaporation lines - lines that show up and then quickly disappear.  They also have the tendency to give false positives after the recommended reading time.  Looks like I was a sucker for both of these problems in one day.  That was an awfully mean joke.  So....

Hubby and I made a late night trip to Wal-Mart where we bought a pack of First Response Early Response  tests (pink dye test that doesn't have the probs of the blue ones) and a pack of ClearBlue Digital tests.  I used one of each when we got home and they were definitely negative.  I also used a First Response Test the next morning and it was negative too.  I hate it that the blue dye tests got my hopes up like that.  Finding out I was one of many who fell for its tricks was an awful feeling.


  1. That sucks on all fronts, but it is still early so keep the faith and maybe wait a couple days to marinate a bit longer. Although...I guess the 2nd was a while ago so much could have happened since then.

  2. Blue dye tests are deffinetly evil, I've read where tap water and even men can get bfps' with them. I'm hoping you just tested too early, fingers crossed that you got your bfp!

  3. How horribly aweful!!! I tested this weekend too (after a convo with one of the nurses in my office) and got a negative as well. It's hard. I'll be sure to steer clear of those tests for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  4. ouch...that is NOT cool!!! I am definitely thinking you are testing too early so DONT give up hope yet!

  5. My heart breaks for you in this post. As someone considering the risks and costs of IVF for myself, I can imagine the joy you felt seeing those two lines finally. I honestly loathe peeing on a stick now. I hate the disappointment. I hope that since the 2nd something positive has come about.

  6. Argh! How cruel! They should take those things off of the market!