Monday, October 24, 2011

Photo Shoot

Hubby and I have owned our own photography business for three years. Just recently, word has spread and our calendar has gotten busy. We're still not as busy as some of our awful competitors, but we're certainly getting there.

On Sunday, Oct. 23rd, the afternoon was beautiful! The leaves were bright colors, the sun was out, and we had a family shoot at a farm. There were a set of grandparents, two grown boys with wives and grandchildren in high school - 11 people in all. Shooting them was fun as we went all over their farm capturing them with the beautiful backgrounds. We asked if there were any other combos of family members that they'd like us to shoot and they said they may have us come back sometime to shoot just the grandparents. I suggested that we go ahead and do it while we were there. The grandpa is not in great health and I've learned from my own father's passing that you take the opportunity when you have it for things like this or one day it'll be too late and the opportunity will be gone. We went inside their home, set up the backdrops, and got a few sweet shots of the older couple holding hands as they explained how they'd been together 54 years. Wow! To have such life full of family blessings. But what really got me was, as we were packing up, I saw the dining room table set for 11 people in the next room. We thanked them for their business and said we'd leave so they can eat dinner. The grandma said that they were in no hurry - that all 11 get together for family dinner every Sunday evening.

I want that.

I wanted that for my Dad, who is now gone. I want that for my Mom, who will be 70 in a few months. I want that for Hubby, who said he wanted to have lots of children with me that September day 14 years ago when he proposed. I want that for me.


  1. It will happen for you, just keep trusting and believing. You are in my thoughts.

  2. Keep the faith hunny :)