Tuesday, May 17, 2011

1st Follow Up Appointment

Wednesday, May 11th was my 1st appointment with Dr. Larry King since beginning stimulant shots of Bravelle on Saturday.  The point of these appointments is to see if my estrogen levels and follicles are responding to the Bravelle shots.

We had to be at the Dr. office, which is more than an hour away, at the absolute crack of dawn.  If you read my previous post, you know that I already got up once and inadvertently took care of giving myself my morning shots a few hours early....

After getting my blood drawn, we headed a few doors down to see my Doc.  He used the internal ultrasound machine to announce to Hubby and I that I have 5 follicles growing well on the right and 4 on the left.  Dr. Larry King said that I'm responding well to the medicine and he hopes that another few follicles come along to make a total of 10.

Later that day, the IVF nurse called with my bloodwork results and recommendations from my Doc.  She said that they are testing my estrogen level to see if it's reached at least 50.  She said that it's not uncommon to see 100.  Mine was at 213.  I told a friend and she called me an overachiever.  If you've read my blog since the beginning, you know I have a Type A Personality in me just screaming to get out.

Dr. Larry King recommended that I have another appointment for bloodwork and ultrasound on Saturday morning.  If things continue the way they are right now, he thinks retrieval may be Tuesday morning.


  1. Great results :)) Thinking of you for your appt and looking forward to hearing about your retrieval :) FXd that all goes smoothly. Love always xoxo

  2. Hi there.
    I'm Jill and I just started following your blog. All the best for EPU. It been nice reading your blog.

    Jill @ Who said 3 is a crowd.

  3. You go girl! Hope things go as planned in the coming days.

  4. Tuesday morning, as in yesterday?!?! Hope everything went well. Fingers crossed for you!! Go Type A :)

  5. Amanda-
    Hang tight. Wasn't yesterday, but it's coming (tomorrow). :-D

    The Childless Mom

  6. Yay! Tomorrow! Super exciting!!! I'll have my fingers crossed for you all day!!!