Monday, May 16, 2011

Proof That I've Lost My Mind

So, I had the alarm set on my cell phone for 6:40am and 6:40pm for my Lupron and Bravelle shots every day.  I was pretty diligent about trying to do my shots as close to 12 hours apart as possible.  It had become so routine in the mornings that I rolled over, turned off my alarm and stumbled to the bathroom without even really opening my eyes.  As I've stated before, I'm NOT a morning person.

On the morning of Wednesday, May 11th, I had my first follow up appointment since beginning the stim shots.  I was nervous and anxious about it when I went to bed the night before.  I even said an extra prayer that my little follies were growing well and we'd have a good report from Dr. Larry King.  Between being nervous and eating some chocolate before sleep, what was about to happen will be the proof that I have lost it...

My alarm went off, and out of habit, I reached over, turned it off, and found my way to the bathroom.  I loaded up my 5 units of Lupron and my 1 ml of Bravelle and gave myself the shots.  I made my way back to the bedroom and sat on the bed to set my alarm for another half hour of sleep before I had to get up and get ready to go to see the Doc.  When I turned on my phone, it said 2:41am.  What?!  That couldn't be right.  I just turned off my 6:40am alarm not more than 5 minutes ago.  I mean, my cell phone has been acting wacky lately, but that was way off.

At this point, I was so confused that I had to see another clock.  I woke up Hubby and asked to see his phone.  He thought I was crazy.  Wouldn't you, if someone woke you up in the middle of the night and asked to see your phone?  I explained that I thought my alarm  had gone off and I had given myself my shots.  He confirmed that it was in fact 2:41am and I must've been dreaming about my alarm going off.  I really did give myself my shots though.  Luckily, the directions for the stim shots say that 12 hour intervals are best, but 8-16 hour intervals are acceptable.  Luckily, 2:40am is right at the 8-hour interval since my 6:40pm evening shot. 

Not only am I giving myself all kinds of shots all hours of the day, but now I'm dreaming about it too.  Ladies, be sure you're not dreaming when you get into the habit of stumbling to the bathroom in the wee hours of the morning.  And while many friends have thought I am crazy, this little incident, if they knew, would be the proof that they'd need that I have, in fact, lost my mind.  It'll just be our little secret.


  1. You poor thing! I kept reading anxious to hear if it messed anything up, and am SO glad it was within the time interval. Hopefully this madness ends soon!

  2. Oh, that was a little bit funny. At least you got a sleep in!!!!

  3. OMG that's funny - and scary for you, I'm sure. But that wouldn't mess anything up!

  4. Oh my, what a story! Write more soon about how your appointment with the Dr went!!

  5. I'm glad everything ended up being ok in the end! I've actually fallen asleep while taking my BBT before...funny how things become so out of habit.

    Can't wait to hear how your appt went!

  6. Too funny! Glad it was ok though!

  7. Thinking of you and hope things are going ok. I am also not a morning person but I have to get up early every monring (I'm a teacher).