Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Is It Me Or Is It HOT In Here?

Since beginning Lupron shots, I've noticed that my only real side effect is hot flashes.  And let me tell you, these are not the kind of Southern Belle, "I'm glistening" occurances.  These are the raging hormonal, "I'm gonna sweat off a few pounds in a few minutes" kind of hot flashes.  Unfortunately, it's not hot outside yet, so everyone can view and form an opinion about my flushed cheeks, splotchy neck, and bright red ears.  No, I didn't just finish a run.  No, I am not embarassed.  I'm going through a temporary menopause, thank you very much.

My first major hot flash happened on Easter Sunday.  Since I am the lead singer in our praise band and attendance at church is usually high on Easter Sunday, I got up a little early to make sure I looked nice that day.  I ironed my dress pants and a nice silk blouse.  I put on the panty hose, dress clothes, and heels and left the house.  I only live about 3 minutes from my church.  On the way there, I noticed that I got a little hot.  Now, I must admit, that my body temp usually runs a little hot.  I sweat pretty easily in the summer.  So, I turned on the A/C in the car full blast and enjoyed the 3 minutes with all the fans on me.  I rushed into the church where Hubby and the rest of the band were waiting on me and realized that I was soaked.  My nice silk top was wet in the back and my long hair that I had just spent time curling was not only flat, but sticking to my neck.  UGH.  EW.  I realized at this point that only after 2 days on Lupron, the pharmacist really wasn't joking about the hot flashes.

The next day I had a Program Committee Meeting at work.  My face and ears became so red during the meeting that my Board President asked me if I was OK and began to fan me with a folder.  How am I supposed to make critical decisions about my job when I'm 400 degrees?

Several nights later, I woke up at 4am.  I had to get up and change my shirt because the entire back of it was soaked.  How did I sweat that much, not know it, and not even move?  If it weren't so gross, I'd be impressed with myself!

In the days since, I have found that holding very still helps.  Is that strange?  I still get hot, but I don't turn into a complete meltdown.

One day, I had what I thought was a bright idea.  I felt a hot flash coming on and thought, "If I'm going to get all hot and sweaty, I might as well have a good reason."  So, I got on my elliptical machine and did about 20 minutes worth of exercise.  This was, in fact, NOT a bright idea.  I got way too hot.  Then I just felt sick the rest of the day.  Don't do this to yourself ladies.  Learn from my mistakes.  From now on, if I feel a hot flash coming on, I'm just going to sit still.  No more trying to help it out.


  1. That sucks! I didn't get hot flashes - I hope that means I won't get them in menopause :)

  2. I know exactly how you feel! I think mine is from the Progesterone though! I'm normally always freezing but lately have been burning up! Driving my husband crazy!

  3. Ahhh...Lupron. Let me tell you, it could be worse. Much worse. (I did Lupron for my endo a couple years back and the Lupron for IVF was nothing compared to that)

    Although I realize that isn't any consolation to you now. Here's what you do.

    Go out and find one of those little hand held fans and have it with you at all times (It even spent my entire wedding day with me!). It will be a total life savor. I think I found one at a hardware store like Menards.

    Also, get a tower fan and place it at the end of your bed aiming straight at you. And if you get really sweaty, just give in and sleep naked on a towel. It saves on laundry from changing jammies and washing sheets all the time!

    Last but not least, always have ice water handy. Hope they ease up soon!

  4. I get them from Clomid, but they are short. By the time I've ripped a layer off it's over. Yours are full volume!! It's going to be worth it, gotta believe it!!

  5. Yours sound way worse than the 40 a day I get from the clomid, poor thing! My DH loves them though cause I will go to sleep wearing pj's and wake up naked. I will also instantly strip anywhere in the house if they start. I hate them, but it is yet another thing he loves about TTC/Infertility (that and the near daily intercourse, lol). I hope they let up soon and lead to good things! Good luck!

  6. Oh wow, that doesn't sound fun. I hope your body adjusts to the meds soon!

  7. I never understood what a hot flash was until I got one from clomid, and I wasn't even on very high dose. They always came at night, and I'd wake up throwing the blankets off, soaking wet, the sheets would be wet, the blankets wet, it was actually pretty gross.

    I couldn't imagine what would have happened if one had come on while I was at work. I mean, it must be interesting to explain how your clothing got all wet, yikes!

    very exciting though to be getting to start your cycle! sending you the very best of luck!