Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 4 Update

Day 4 update doesn't exist, as I found out on Day 4....  haha

It was Monday, May 23rd and I didn't receive a call from our embryologist babysitter.  I was very busy at work trying to get ready to be out for several days and then a long holiday weekend, so I got around to calling the the lab around 2pm.  I explained who I was and that I was scheduled for a 5-day transfer tomorrow and was wondering if there was an update today on my Little 7.

The woman on the phone explained that when there is a 5-day transfer, they leave the little embryos alone on day 4.  They don't get them out and look at them or even bother them that day.  They just leave them to grow.  She went on the explain that they'd get them all out and go over them thoroughly the next morning to give a final report on each one of them to the Doctor.

OK, that made sense.  I would accept that.

I thanked her for the info and hung up.

OK, Little 7.  So I don't get an update on you today.  I'll leave you alone.  Just hang on!


  1. Aww, they are resting before their big day=)

  2. Best of health to your little embies! I am eagerly reading along and sending positive thoughts.