Monday, May 16, 2011

Follow Up Appointment 3

On Monday, May 15th, Hubby and I went for my 3rd follow up appointment.  I had my blood drawn first and then went to my Doc's office for the ulstrasound.

On this visit, I had a different Doc because my Doc was not in.  (Dr. Larry King told me this was going to happen.  I was prepared for the switch, so I was OK with it.)  During the ultrasound, he pointed out that I definitely have 3 follicles big enough to retrieve now.  However, I have 6-7 more that are almost ready.  He explained there is a fine line between waiting long enough to give those 6-7 enough time to grow a bit bigger and not waiting too long so the Big 3 would get too big or damaged.  He said we'd need to wait to see what my bloodwork said and then go from there.  He said he thought trigger shot would occur Tuesday or even possible Wednesday.  That's another day later than the plan...

Even though the plan was getting stretched a bit, I was OK with it this time.  There was good reason to see if we could do another day or 2 of stims in order for the others to grow.

I got the phone call later that afternoon from the IVF Nurse regarding my bloodwork.  She said that estrogen above 500 and at least 3 large follicles signifies that I am ready for retrieval.  My estrogen level was 1,102 and I had the Big 3.  So technically, I was ready.  However, they were going to have me do stims one more day to see if we could get a few more laggers to catch up.  Trigger shot Tuesday night.

I've had everybody under the sun praying for those 6-7 to catch up.  I was having cramps and I was happy about it.  Yet another piece of evidence that I've lost my mind....


  1. Hoping those follicles catch-up... and best of luck for your trigger and retrieval - not long now :)) xoxo

  2. I hope the smaller ones catch up!!! Your retrieval is so soon!

  3. What a close race! I really hope those others were able to catch up, but if not 3 biggies are great!!