Friday, May 6, 2011

Five Hail Marys for Drug Dealers!

On Thurs., April 14th, I called BackOrderScrip, since the woman from the night before hadn't called me back.  Thanks for that!  I asked if there was any Lupron to be had and they said no.  I was going to have to take matters into my own hands and find the stuff myself.  I called JerkDrugs, explained that I was having trouble getting ahold of the Lupron and asked if they had any.  I felt like a junkie calling my dealer.  You got any of the good stuff on hand?  I need it.  They said that they did, but they'd only fill it if they had my entire order and I had to tell them by the end of the day.  I didn't like the attitude, but I was willing to ask my insurance company.  I mean, I needed the goods. I told them I'd get back to them to let them know.

Did I mention that I was having all of these crazy phone calls while I was at an expo representing the ministry where I work?  I was standing at the table answering questions about our upcoming fundraisers and trying to track down some Lupron on the phone.  Yes, that's right, as I shake hands with Mr. Spectator, we're a United Way Agency that serves our entire county....and then as he walks away I make another phone call. I need Lupron in 8 days, you fools!  All in a days work.....

I called Mary, while at the expo, and explained to her what was going on.  She said that she'd try to figure out a solution with a pharmacy in network and get back to me.  She called me back several hours later and explained that the reason BackOrderScrip was having trouble filling the quantities of some drugs on the order is that JerkDrugs had already tried to fill it and put it through the system.  The nerve!  She asked for me to fax her a copy of my original drug order so she could get it all straightened out.  God bless Mary!  I'm sure God's heard that before somewhere...

On the morning of Fri., April 15th, I had a rapid series of calls.  BackOrderScrip called and asked if they could schedule delivery of my drugs.  I asked if Lupron was still on backorder and they said that it was.  I told them that they needed to hold off.  No sooner had I hung up, I got a phone call from yet another pharmacy.  We'll call this one Barron Drugs because that's their real name and I'm saying positive things about them.  The pharmacist said that he was going to fill a couple drugs - including Lupron - for me, explained what each one was and possible side effects.  He promised my drugs would arrive on Mon.  That's 4 days prior to starting shots.  I'd take it.

I immediately got off the phone and called Mary.  I told her that Barron Drugs had called me about filling the drugs on backorder.  She said that  all the other drugs could be filled through BackOrderScrip and it looked like things were a "go".  So I called BackOrderScrip and told them to fill the rest of the order.  They were to arrive on Tues., April 19th.

Looked like I was going to get my fix afterall....

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  1. Wow, so complicated! Good for you for sticking to it and not accepting a 'no'. It paid off for sure!!