Friday, May 27, 2011

How Many Men Does It Take to Get Me Pregnant?

Transfer was scheduled for Tuesday, May 24th at 11:15am.  I was stressed about how many to transfer.  The embryos had been growing so well up to this point that I thought we'd have a giant decision ahead of us that day.  I prayed and even got up and read the Bible looking for some divine answer from God.  I wasn't sure I'd gotten any.  I asked that the answer be made clear to us.

I had heard something a few days ago about writing things in purple ink in order to make them happen.  I found a purple pen and wrote "Babies" on a note pad before we left the house.  I know that's crazy, but I wasn't taking any chances!

I was supposed to empty my bladder at 10:15am and then drink 16-20 oz of water so I had a full bladder for the ultrasound guided transfer.  However, we would be on the road at 10:15, so we stopped at McDonald's at 9:30 to get breakfast and let me go to the bathroom one last time.  Since retrieval, having a full bladder had been pretty painful.  I wasn't looking forward to the long car ride with a full bladder.

So after our little pit stop, we were off to Dr. Larry King's office and I sipped on all that water.  We arrived and were soon taken back to Procedure Room #2.  The nurse talked to us for a few minutes and explained that the lab was running a little late this morning, so we were in no hurry to get me undressed just yet.

She left and Hubby and I texted all our family and friends letting them know we'd made it OK and were almost ready for GO TIME.  Hubby went to the bathroom, and the nurse came in, asked if I was ready to pee my pants yet (which, surprisingly, I wasn't) and said that they were finally ready for me to get on the table.  I got undressed and was in the middle of getting on the table when Hubby emerged from the bathroom and was surprised to find out it was GO TIME.  "The nurse came back in?" he asked.  Apparently you can't hear anything over the bathroom fan...

Dr. Larry King came into the room. He gave me a full written report on our Little 7.  As of that time, we had:
  • One 8-celled
  • Two 10-celled
  • One early morula
  • One late morula
  • One early blastocyst
  • One grade 1 full blastocyst
He explained that they use blastocysts for a 5-day transfer, so we had either 1 or 2 to choose from.  He said the 8-celled, 10-celled, and early morula were too far behind and were showing signs of slowing or no growth.  That was kind of a shock given that they were growing "great guns" on Sunday.  What had happened since then?  He said that they'd let them grow a few more days to see if the late morula turns into a blastocyst that could be frozen, but he wasn't sure if that was going to happen or not.

He went on to say that the real decision that morning was to decide whether to transfer 1 or 2 blasts that day.  He said if we had a whole bunch to freeze, he might recommend to be cautious and only transfer one.  He explained if we transfer 2, our chances of twins greatly increase and with that are increased health risks for me and the babies.  I just didn't know what to say.  I had leaned towards transferring several up to this point.  I looked at Hubby and he looked at me.  He looked at Dr. Larry King and asked him, "If this were you Doc, what would you do?"  The Doc said he'd transfer 2.  That was our answer.  It was clear.  It wasn't even stressful.  Hubby and I both said OK and the Doc had me initial beside his big #2 on the paper.  He said he was glad that we picked 2 so he could remember what procedure room he was in.  I really like that I can joke with my Doc.  Losing a sense of humor at this point just isn't helpful!  As he left the room to deliver the paperwork, he said we'd get going with this, we could have our twins, and everyone would be happy.  When he left, I told Hubby that I was sad only the 2 had made it after such good reports, but it seemed like we got our answer for number to transfer without much effort.

Several minutes later, Dr. Larry King and an assisting Doc that I'd seen before came in to perform the transfer.  As they were setting up, putting in the speculum, and finding my bladder on the ultrasound, a woman I'd not seen before came in, asked me to verify my name, date of birth, and number of embryos requested.  After handing something to the Doc, she left.

I had the embryologist babysitter next door, Hubby's Doc down the rad, Hubby standing to my left, assisting Doc to my bottom left, and Dr. Larry King at the foot of the table.  Is this a totally inappropriate joke?  How many men does it take to get me pregnant?  Apparently, five....

Assisting Doc had some trouble getting a clear pic on the ulstrasound screen because everything shifted once the speculum was inserted.  He showed me where my bladder, uterus, and still-large ovaries were.  He asked if I saw a little flash of light at the bottom of the screen.  I didn't.  I asked what it was.  He said that was the embryos.  I didn't see it.  And before I knew it, it was over.

They had me lay on the table for almost 20 minutes before I was able to get up to empty my bladder and get dressed.  The nurse came in to check on me one last time and I asked about continuing to take my Allegra D and Metformin.  She directed me to continue taking both since they were safe during pregnancy.  We gathered our stuff and she walked us out, saying that she had a good feeling about this one.  Even though I knew it didn't work like that, I wanted to cross my legs and walk out as gingerly as possible.

I laid down in the car on the way home and called Hubby's parents and my Mom.  I texted our friends letting them know that "2 are in!"  I lounged on our couch the rest of the day, per Dr's orders.  A friend brought me some hot chocolate.  Hubby cooked dinner.  I didn't do anything.

I felt defeated that it wasn't, "Go Little 7" anymore.  It's now, "Go Little 2."  Hang on Little 2.


  1. I haven't been able to comment lately, but I've been following along. How exciting that you have two little ones in there RIGHT NOW!!

  2. Haha, "How many men does it take?" that gave me a good chuckle! Sounds like you are/were in great hands, and all signs seem to be pointing to two. I think that is going to be your new lucky number! I hope you are doing well and taking it easy since the transfer! Fingers crossed for you!

  3. That sounds almost exactly like our fert report the day of transfer...and I got my BFP! I'm so hoping you are right behind me!!!

  4. Congrats on transferring two, I follow a few blogs that just transferred two, and one just got her BFP after 4IVF attempts. So hoping transferring 2 is the lucky number for you. And the embryos can hold hands, always strength in numbers.

    Now all you need is a plan to stay sane in the horrendous 2WW. I wish you all the best and look forward to following your progress.. Tee xo

  5. Wow, exciting! Hoping for a good outcome for you!

  6. I find it a bit weird that you get the fertility report when you're already up in stirrups. Why not sit you down first in the office, sign the papers, and then get to the transfer room...? Oh well, everyone does it differently I guess. I'm glad it all went well and don't be too disappointed about 'only' two making it to blastocyst. That's still a great result!

    Thinking lots of sticky thoughts for your two little embabies!

  7. Go little 2!!! I have been out of town the past few days so I'm catching up. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!