Sunday, May 29, 2011

2dp5dt - Need To Know Basis

Thursday, May 26th was 2dp5dt.  Finally! I was off bed rest and Hubby wouldn't growl at me if I stalled while going to and from the bathroom because I was sick of being flat on my back.  Even though I was off bed rest, I decided to take the day off of work.  I've decided to keep my boss in the need-to-know category instead of divulging all info to him.  I learned that the hard way when we were in a staff meeting last summer.  Hubby and I had just found out all of our problems and that ICSI was our only chance for having a biological child of our own.  I had told him about the ICSI-IVF procedure in confidence.  He is my boss AND he is a minister.  In staff meetings, he wastes a lot of time showing off for other staff members.  On this particular day, he was making cute remarks about a previous staff member that is now deceased.  I asked him if we could get on with it.  He looked at me and said, "Well, normally we just have to deal with her and her normal hormones.  Now we have to deal with her and her hormones on steroids."  I'm not sure how I didn't kill him with my bare hands.  My staff is amazed that I was able to keep my cool and they have come to despise him for his rude comments about this awful, long journey that has wound us up here.  Not only did he divulge medical info about me to the entire staff, but he used it to make fun of me.  So, he's in the need-to-know category now and he doesn't need-to-know much.

Anway I didn't tell my boss I was off bed rest on Thursday and that's not info that he needed-to-know!  Because we are always closed on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and Monday is a holiday, I was off work until next Tuesday.  That's a total of a week off.  I figured this is the best way to relax and remain stress free - especially with my boss!

I had my initial Progesterone blood draw at 9am.  Thank goodness I can now have all my upcoming blood tests performed here in town, so we may not have to drive the hour-long trip to my Doc's office.  Since I have several blood draws coming up in the next few weeks, the lab went ahead and registered me as a recurring patient so I don't have to go through the registration process every time I go in.  That'll be especially helpful when I have to go for my 2nd beta test next Saturday when the registration desk is closed, even though the lab is open.

Hubby and I grabbed some McDonald's for breakfast.  That afternoon he took me to see The Hangover 2 at our local movie theatre.  It's not as good as the 1st Hangover movie, in case you're wondering.  I got really tired during the movie and could have napped there.  I'm a really exciting date.  Poor Hubby!

The middle of my abdomen hurt all day.  I felt like I had been hit right in the abdomen with a softball.  I even looked for a bruise several times wondering if I was reading too much into it, or if I'd hurt myself somehow.  I took a Tylenol to try to make it stop that evening.  While this pain lasted almost all day, it only lasted this one day.

I really didn't do a whole lot the rest of the day.  Besides the blood draw and movie, I answered some work emails and made a few phone calls.  My Mother-in-law called and chatted a few minutes while she was cleaning her classroom out for the summer. 

Hubby made me another yummy dinner.  I made brownies because I am a chocoholic I was craving something sweet.

Friends brought over a casserole for me to make for dinner the next night.  People have been so nice bringing me things and checking up on me.  I used to feel like this was just our problem but have realized that some of our closest friends are right here in the trench with us.  I don't feel like we are alone in this and it's a nice feeling. Everybody's rooting for a baby (or two).  One friend even messaged me, "Bring on the twins!"

All in all, it was another relaxing day, minus the pain.  Let's hope it was for a good cause!


  1. So far so good! I'm glad you have so long off work - I did the same thing and I think it really helped my stress levels.

  2. What an asshole of a boss. He totally needs to be a need-to-know.